Farmers of Burundi

Farmers of Burundi

Discover farmers and farming in Burundi

Subsistence Farming:

The majority of farmers in Burundi practice subsistence farming, where they grow crops primarily for their own consumption and that of their families. Subsistence agriculture involves cultivating staple crops such as beans, maize, sorghum, and cassava.

Smallholder Farming:

Burundi has a high proportion of smallholder farmers, typically working on small plots of land. The agricultural sector is characterized by a large number of small family farms, and agriculture is often the main source of livelihood for many households.

Challenges & Government Initiatives


Farmers in Burundi face various challenges, including limited access to modern agricultural technologies, inadequate infrastructure, and vulnerability to weather-related risks. The country’s hilly terrain can present challenges in terms of land management and agricultural productivity.

Government Initiatives:

The government of Burundi has implemented initiatives to support farmers and improve agricultural practices. This includes efforts to enhance access to credit, provide agricultural extension services, and promote sustainable farming techniques.