Lakes in Burundi

Lakes in Burundi

Burundi is characterized by several notable lakes, with Lake Tanganyika being the largest and most significant. Stretching along the western border, Lake Tanganyika is one of the longest freshwater lakes globally and plays a vital role in the country’s biodiversity, supporting diverse aquatic life and providing livelihoods for communities along its shores. Other lakes such as Rwihinda, Cohoha, Rweru, and Cyohoha contribute to the country’s rich landscape and ecology. Lake Rwihinda, recognized as a Ramsar Wetland site, serves as a critical habitat for various bird species, while Lake Rweru is a transboundary lake shared with Rwanda. These lakes not only provide essential water resources but also offer scenic beauty and contribute to the cultural and ecological heritage of Burundi.

Major Lakes in Burundi

Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika is the largest and deepest freshwater lake in Burundi, as well as one of the longest lakes in the world. It is shared by multiple East African countries, including Burundi. The lake’s shores extend along the western border of Burundi, offering stunning views and contributing to the country’s biodiversity. Lake Tanganyika provides a habitat for diverse aquatic species and serves as a source of livelihood for communities along its shores.

Lake Rwihinda

Lake Rwihinda is a smaller lake located in the eastern part of Burundi. It is known for its ecological significance, serving as a Ramsar Wetland site. The lake and its surrounding marshes are essential for biodiversity, supporting various bird species, including migratory birds. Lake Rwihinda is a designated protected area, highlighting its importance for conservation efforts in Burundi.

Lake Cohoha

Lake Cohoha is situated in the northern part of Burundi, near the town of Ngozi. It is one of the smaller lakes in the country but contributes to the overall richness of the landscape. The lake and its surroundings are part of the natural beauty that characterizes Burundi’s interior regions.

Lake Rweru

Lake Rweru is located in the southern part of Burundi, near the border with Rwanda. It is a transboundary lake shared by both countries. The lake’s waters flow into the Kagera River, and it plays a role in the regional hydrology.

Lake Cyohoha

Lake Cyohoha is situated in the western part of Burundi, near the town of Bubanza. While not as large as Lake Tanganyika, it contributes to the overall network of lakes in the country.